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Friars Classic Basketball Tournament–>  Basketball Tournament for Girls teams 2nd/3rd grades and Boys teams 2nd-6th grades- February 22nd-25th.  For more information contact Parrish Ozias at 488-8781 or friarsbasketball@gmail.com.

Friars Junior Dribblers Basketball–>  Basketball for Boys & Girls in Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade.  Starts March 27th.  For more information contact Parrish Ozias at 488-8781 or friarsbasketball@gmail.com. 

Friars Baseball–>  Baseball for Kids ages 5-11.  Starts March 26th.  For more information contact Parrish Ozias at 488-8781 or friarsbasketball@gmail.com. 

Serving the community since 1860, Friars Club is a 156 year old non-profit social service organization dedicated to serving the special needs of Cincinnati’s at-risk children through organized sports, activity, nutrition and fitness. Many of today’s youngsters lack parental supervision. Children need supervision, especially in low-income areas. When supervision is neglected, there is a tendency for high drug and alcohol abuse, a breakdown of family structure and a climate of violence. As evidenced by the growing violence in our city today, we, as a community, are not offering enough opportunities for youth to develop their values in a positive way. Everyday Evangelist: “Meet Annie Timmons” Article in Catholic Telegraph…”I love what I do…I want Friars Club to be a place of kindness, generosity, and love where kids can learn what they need to know.” For the full article, please visit www.thecatholictelegraph.com.

Friars Club offers that opportunity to boys and girls and help them establish a positive set of values: respect, responsibility, leadership and good sportsmanship, skills… all gained through sports. Friars Club instruction and guidance builds healthy bodies, minds and spirits by bolstering self-esteem and self-discipline, while, at the same time, reinforcing positive behavior and addressing nutritional needs.

Friars Club is a Sponsored Ministry of the Franciscans, Province of St. John the Baptist, Cincinnati, Ohio USA. For more information on the Franciscans visit their website, www.franciscan.org

Please support the Anthony Munoz Foundation.

March Madness Match-a-thon

The Friars Club currently has a goal to raise $250,000 by May 1, 2018.
Please contribute so we can reach our goal.


So far we have raised $1,000 towards our $250,000 target! Thank you for your support.