Welcome to Friars Club, where magic happens behind the scenes! In this blog, we invite you to take a closer look at the daily events and programs that make Friars Club a beacon of hope for children in our community. From tutoring programs to summer camps and sport leagues, Friars Club works tirelessly to provide a nurturing environment and life-changing opportunities for young individuals.

Daily Operations: Empowering Young Minds

At the heart of Friars Club are its daily operations, designed to empower young minds and encourage holistic development. Our after-school programs form the foundation of our efforts, offering a diverse range of activities such as basketball, baseball, and volleyball. These programs not only teach sports skills but also instill valuable lessons in teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

Additionally, we understand the importance of education in shaping a child’s future. That’s why Friars Club provides after-school tutoring, ensuring that participants receive academic support and guidance. By combining sports and education, we aim to foster well-rounded individuals who are prepared for success both on and off the court.

Winter Basketball League: Building Skills and Character

One of our most beloved programs is the winter basketball league, catering to children in grades 2 through 8. From November to March, the league creates a platform for young athletes to develop their basketball skills, foster a love for the game, and cultivate important life skills. Emphasizing fair play, sportsmanship, and teamwork, the winter basketball league provides participants with a supportive environment to grow both on and off the court. Through this program, Friars Club continues to nurture a love for sports and instill values that will guide children throughout their lives.

CISE (Catholic Inner City School Education): Supporting Educational Excellence

At Friars Club, we firmly believe in community partnership. Through the Catholic Inner City School Education (CISE) program we put 300 inner city kids on the right track with the support of the Dater Foundation. Our CISE program provides a healthy snack, tutoring, basketball and volleyball. Schools served include St. Francis DeSales, St. Francis Seraph, Romero Academy at Resurrection, Corryville Catholic, and St. Boniface. By supporting these CISE schools, Friars Clubs helps to break down barriers and access to affordable athletics and academic support.

Summer Camp: Fun, Adventure, and Growth

In addition to our year-round programs, Friars Club offers an exciting summer camp where children from all walks of life come together to experience a wealth of activities and unforgettable memories. Alongside engaging in sports, summer camp participants enjoy adventures such as golf lessons and swim sessions. Several field trips happen throughout the year including to the Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati Reds Game, Skate Place to practice STEM on the roller-skating rink, and more. This holistic approach ensures that children have opportunities to explore their interests, discover new passions, and build lasting friendships.

Beyond the Camp: Competitive Spirit in Basketball, Volleyball and Baseball

For those passionate about basketball, volleyball, and baseball, Friars Club offers an exhilarating summer league. Here, young athletes showcase their skills, competing in a supportive and challenging environment. By fostering a love for the game and promoting healthy competition, Friars Club helps participants develop valuable life skills like resilience, sportsmanship, and leadership. The summer leagues embodies the dedication and commitment of Friars Club in nurturing young talents and shaping future stars.

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